el Plan Elements
Town of Acton, MA
Acton 2020
Comprehensive Community Plan

Inventory of Existing Conditions

The State of Massachusetts requires that each town's comprehensive community plan include an inventory of certain basic planning elements. In addition to these elements, the Acton Board of Selectmen added a requirement for a chapter on the current state of sustainability. These chapters will continue to be revised and edited, and we will keep links to the latest versions here. Your comments are welcome. You can provide them in many ways:
  • Use one of the tabs above to select one of the plan elements. You will see a view of the chapter that you can scroll through, and annotate by adding comments, drawings, highlights or cross-outs. This free commenting system is brought to you by the fine MIT entrepreurs at crocodoc. The annotation system offers a place for you to put your name in, which will help us understand who is saying what, and so we can contact you if you have questions. Your comments will be visible for everyone to see, so be thorough but avoid defamation or profanity - those kind of comments risk being deleted.
  • Use our contact form. This is recommended epecially if you have just a few comments or questions. We review new comments at each Acton 2020 Committee meeting.
  • These detailed element inventories are just a part of the complete plan. You can find out more about how to view and comment on the entire plan on the front page

And you can always look at paper copies of our most recent documents at the Reference Desk of the Acton Memorial Library, or at the Planning Department at Town Hall.