Town of Acton, MA
Acton 2020
Comprehensive Community Plan

Kelley's Corner Steering Committee


  1. To provide project oversight and direction on behalf of the Town on procedures and other matters affecting policies, politics, perception, and etiquette.
  2. To help maintain consistency with the Acton 2020 / Comprehensive Community Plan.
  3. To help with events planning, preparations, and hosting.
  4. To review, critique, and approve consultant-prepared materials before public release.
  5. To carry out any other tasks and assignments required by the project.


  • Andrew Brockway (Chair): Acton 2020
  • Rob Bukowski: Planning Board
  • Peter Darlow: Design Review Board
  • J.D. Head: ABRSD
  • Larry Kenah: Economic Development Committee
  • Bonny Nothern: Acton 2020
  • Eric Solomon: Acton 2020
  • Margaret Woolley Busse: Finance Committee

Town of Acton Planning Department Staff

  • Roland Bartl
  • Kristin Guichard


The Kelley's Corner Steering Committee will meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month in place of the regularly scheduled Acton 2020 meetings at Acton Town Hall, Room 204 at 7:30pm. General members of the public are encouraged to attend. The minutes, agendas, and related documents of all meetings are publicly posted and available to the general public.