Acton 2020 Community Comprehensive Plan

Welcome, Information, and Group Assignments

The Planning Process

“a basis for decision making regarding the long-term physical development of the municipality” (MGL Ch 41 Sec 81D)

The Planning Process

Purpose: to elicit the input of Acton residents and businesses:


Phase I: Community Outreach

Six Emerging Goals

Preserve Town Character

Plan for Sustainability

Improve Connections

Provide Opportunities for Gathering

Support Inclusion and Diversity

Preserve/Enhance Town Assets

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Phase II Planning Process

Connecting Goals and Elements

Key Findings from the Inventory

Current estimates for 2010:

Current estimates for 2010:

Current estimates for 2010:

Current estimates for 2010:

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MAPC* expects population growth to remain slow (3.5% from 2010 to 2020)

The over 55 share will increase by 2020

Demographics: Acton Population by Age


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Economic Development

Economic Development

781 businesses reported employment to the state in 2009

Economic Development

Economic Development

1/3 of Acton residents surveyed do half or more of their shopping in town


Natural Resources

Acton’s water comes from groundwater wells in five areas of town

Historic and Cultural Resources

The five villages date from 1735 (Acton Center) and the mid-19th century (West, South, East, and North Acton)

Open Space and Recreation

25% of Acton’s 20 square miles is public open space or recreation areas; 2/3 of this is protected

Community Facilities and Services

Major needs identified in past master plans have been fulfilled: Memorial Library, Public Safety Facility, Parker Damon school building, R.J. Grey JHS and ABRHS expansions

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Town Hall space for departments is tight

Facilities and Services: Taxes

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Facilities and Services: Taxes

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Circulation and Transportation

Road congestion hot spots and some safety issues; traffic not easily limited

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Purpose: thinking together about trends, issues, and opportunities for the future

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